Plumbing. Painting.

25 Years of Experience
in Home Maintenance Business

SPECTRA comes with a wealth of knowledge, experience and resources, specializing in Painting, HVAC / AC, electrical services, carpentry, masonry works, plumbing and other handyman services in Dubai, UAE. We have excelled in providing our services to Property Managers for their buildings, apartments, Commercial, Industrial, retail and Residential properties and also to individuals & companies seeking to upgrade their homes or offices.

Let's Get The Job Done

Rich Experience

Our team of staff are experienced personnel specializing in various maintenance services. The level of expectations from our staff is of highest regard and is reflective in the quality of services provided to our clients. Most of our staff are veterans in the property maintenance industry in Dubai, UAE.

Customer focus

Taking your investment into account; quality service, high property standards and competitive pricing without comprising on quality, we are certain that you will be satisfied with all of our services provided.


Our goal at Spectra wide Technical Services is to surpass the level of expectations, providing service excellence.

Hear From Our Happy Clients

I'm glad I found SPECTRA, quick response, good work.I'm glad I found SPECTRA, quick response, good work.

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Mick Neil, Landlord

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